Stealth and Self Defense

Stealth and Self Defense

This is our listing of all our classes in this category, on the ones listed in the Current Classes Section are scheduled the rest are TBA.

Current Classes


Event Date
  • August 6, 2023 4:00 pm
Roots Rendezvous
  • September 2, 2023 9:00 am

Ancient Scout

This course is not about preparing for an eventual catastrophe that may never come, it is about living life on the top of your game, knowing your limits and how to push beyond them, and learning to blend with the natural landscape in a profound way.
This course dives into the skills of covert survival, stealth, natural camouflage, martial arts, traps, tracking and counter tracking, team organization and movement, and situational and sensory awareness.

Advanced Scout

In this course we take what you have learned in Ancient Scout and expand and deepen your knowledge and experience through a series fast paced exercises and lessons.  In this course we will continue Ninjustsu training with Ben Goodrich of New England Ninjutsu. For those who have taken Ancient Scout, you know there is only much we can say about this course.  This course will include advance camouflage, ghille, escape and evasion, ambushing, advanced work with traps, tactics and planning and tactics, observation skills, and much more. We are excited to share new information and to have the time to push training elements to a new level with a solid group of Scout Class graduates.
This course can be taken back to back with Ancient Scout. Please know however you will need to be ready for an intense two weeks of training.

Scout Recon

In this new advanced scout program open to Ancient Scout graduates, we will delve deeply into the world of reconnaissance. Students should expect to be pushing the boundaries of team development and leadership roles that are central to all scout programs. We will look at all the tools and techniques of long range and short range recon and implement them in a multi-day scenario. New and old tools will be explored as we build skills we have and gain new skills and perspectives.

Scout Tracker

Human tracking is a key element in the realm of Scout skills. In this course we will focus on human tracking  in teams with security following subjects who don’t want to be followed.  We will cover subject ID, track aging, trailing in varied substrates, gait interpretation, site interpretation, counter tracking, team movement and tactics, and much more.  The ability to follow trails, analyze them for key information, discover their age, and build a profile of your subject is a game changer.  We will interpret camp sites and cache spots, and investigate how to see through counter tracking. We will devote many full days and nights in the field to tracking skills and them put them to the test in both short and long scenarios. For the last two days we will move the class to a fresh piece of land for the last scenario giving us a fresh map on which to leave and follow trails. Be prepared to work as a team, push your tracking hard.

Must have taken Ancient Scout or an equivalent class at another school (call Brad at Roots to confirm)

Winter Scout

Cutting temperatures, white out storms, and feet of snow blanketing the land requires a different animal to perform and operate where others cannot. If you can learn to adapt to the winter, you can use the difficulties to your advantage.
In Winter Scout we will cover a wide range of topics such as: winter camouflage, tracking and counter tracking in snow, concealed snow shelters, winter scouting gear, team movement, winter trapping, ninjutsu with all those winter clothes on, and much more. We also engage with the challenges of objective planning, team coordination, and the fine art of keeping each other alive when the environment can kill you quickly.
Expect challenging weather, situations, and team work, and be prepared to work hard and learn fast.
Pre-requisite: Ancient Scout or an equivalent course at another school.