Links We Like

Other schools we like and some random resources and products we use and recommend.

Other Schools


Caribbean Earth Skills

Matt and Carmen Corradino teach survival and earth skills in St Croix USVI.

Ancestral Knowledge

Bill Kaczor and friends teaching skills in the Washington DC area.

Wild Abundance

Natalie Bogwalker and others teaching permaculture and traditional skills in North Carolina.’

Tracker’s Earth

Classes in CA, OR, CO, WA, mostly awesome kids programs, with adult programs in PDX.

ReWild Maine

Zack Rouda teaching solid and accessible programs in Portland, Maine.


Ondatra Adventures

Dave Muska guided trips, mushrooms and foraging, naturalist training.



People of Note

Local blacksmith, makes great hide tanning tools.



Penny Hewitt

Black Ash Basketry Teacher and homesteader extraordinaire.

Sandra Kehoe

Amazing weaver, focused in willow, incredible work on her site.



JW Bensinger Knives

Super solid custom knives and hawks.

Silky Saw

Best Folding Saws we have used.

Weather Wool

High quality woolens that will last a lifetime.



Bear Notch Productions

Film making  and photography services by Brad Salon.

 Cornell Bird Labs

Useful information on all things Bird.

 Tracking Certifications

Science based solid tracking education and certification. Worth the time and money.