Teen Programs

Teen Programs

The transition between child and adult is a time of explosive growth, fun, learning, and challenge. Roots offers an awesome place for teenagers grow themselves as they have fun building thier skills. The natural world sets the rules, and we have to learn to listen, to take accountability, and to preserver, or else we feel the consequences.

This is a core lesson of our programs for teenagers, if you want to be skilled, capable, and self reliant, you have to accept and work with the the realities of the world in which we live. It gives an awesome sense of confidence and the knowledge that you can achieve your dreams with a little hard work and education.


Event Date
Roots Rendezvous
  • September 2, 2023 9:00 am

Stealth and Awareness Day Camp


This camp is not your average day camp! During this week we achieve fun through practicing the way of the ancient scout. Stealth and awareness forms the foundation of these skills and allows us to delve into tracking, camouflage, and situational awareness while pushing ourselves to accomplish goals as a team. Through these fast paced, and exciting skills we can gain understanding of the self and our environment and have a ton of fun doing it!

Camp  9 AM- 4 PM Mon-Wed, Thursday Overnight, Friday Noon Pick Up

Teen Wilderness Exploration & Leadership

Ages 14-18

An amazing week of backpacking on and off trail in Groton state park while learning backcountry skills, place based survival skills, and enjoying the hieght of Vermont’s summer.


Some older teenagers may be able to take certain adult courses, either with a parent or guardian or alone with written consent. Please contact us for more information.

“Roots helped our son, Caleb, stretch his comfort zone, learn life skills and grow in confidence.  We are appreciative and grateful to the Roots staff for their focussed mentoring and instruction.  His outdoor skills have become the foundation for his maturity and confidence.”


Courses To Be Anounced

We run the following courses on a rotation throughout the summers so let us know if there is a course you would like to see us run again.

Way of the Bow

Ages 14-17  A week of building your own wooden bow and learning archery, stealth and camouflage, and cooling off in the river.

Woodland Rangers

Ages 14-17 Stealth and camouflage, team work and leadership, self defense and self reliance all taught through games and scenarios for one fun and fast paced week.

Wilderness Survival Week

Shelter. Water. Fire. Food.

In this week students will tackle the essintial wilderness self relaince skills from setting up camp, to making your own cordage, to friction fire, stone tools, and much more.