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Online Presentations

In 2020 we began doing online video presentations for various groups and organizations.  Although Wilderness Survival Basics is our most popular we have covered topics from Foraging to Fire by Friction, Winter Survival, Trapping, Survival Fishing and more.

Online Academy Courses

Our Online Academy Courses go the extra mile to deliver comprehensive and in-depth information and images to help you actually learn how to execute the skills at home. Broken down into small digestible and quickly referenceable chapters, these video courses are available to rent or own. Check them out below.



Bow Drill Essentials

Fire is one of humanities oldest friends. It can cook our food, purify our water, warm our shelters, and light the darkness.  Knowing how to create fire from scratch with nothing but the landscape and a knife is an amazing skill that everyone can learn.

This videos series from Roots School will teach you everything you need to know to learn bow drill, a friction fire technique used across the globe and throughout history. 

With over two and half hours of instruction, 24 videos in four chapters, you will learn to build conical fire, carve a bow drill kit, the proper technique to use it, as well as how to troubleshoot all the various pitfalls beginnings can make.

With over 20 years of teaching bow drill, we know what you need to know, to not just get your first coal, but to get proficient enough to make fire when you need it! 

Pelt Tanning Course

In this series of videos Sarah Corrigan of Roots School takes you through the process of tanning a pelt, from a fleshy fatty hide to a finished fur on pelt. Filled with in depth descriptions, personal experience, and troubleshooting to make sure your fur on hide tanning projects comes out as soft and supple as you need.

The course is over an hour long and is broken up into 10 short chapters for easy reference and rewatching as needed.

1. Introduction to Pelt Tanning
2. Acquiring Your Pelt
3. Fleshing Your Pelt
4. Understanding Skin
5. Membraining Your Pelt
6. Dressing and Stretching I
7. Dressing and Stretching II
8. Smoking Your Pelt
9. Care and Storage
10. Final Thoughts