Adult Course Catalogue

Adult Course Catalouge

Here is a listing of all of our courses current or not. Many of these courses are not currently scheudled so please check our Adult Programs page for a list of currrently offered courses.

Wilderness Self Reliance and Survival

From weekend classes to year long training we cover the skills of meeting your basic needs in the wilderness.  Navigation, setting camp, shelter building, fire making, water purification, stone tools, trapping, hunting, wild edible harvesting, and cord making are the main focusses of these skill sets

Bows, Arrows, & Hunting

Building bows and arrows is as fun as it gets! If you want to take it a step further, you can learn to hunt with the equipment you make. Flint knapping, bow making, arrow making, tracking, animal processing, hide tanning, and more!

Basketry and Fiber Arts

The wonderful world of weaving. Every year we offer several willow basketry classes, looking at both stake and strand and ribbed baskets, both taught by Sandra Kehoe. We also offer black ash basketry with Penny Hewitt. We also offer felting courses, wild fiber workshops, birch bark plaiting classes and much more!

Tracking & Natural History

Immersing in your landscape means speaking its language. Tracking and naturalist studies are they key that open the landscape to you in amazing new ways. Being able to move across the land and know which animals are present, in what numbers, being able to follow them, being able to identify bird song and interpret it, knowing all the trees they are interacting with and the plants that grow beneath them, and being aware how they all interact is what these skills are all about.

Traditional Crafts and Skills

In many ways the heart of ROOTS School… We love making beautiful functional things from natural matierals and we want to help you learn to as well! The fulfillment, the challenge, the interaction with the matierals and the self as you learn to follow the natural rules or fail are all part of the fun. Bone working, rawhide, hide and pelt tanning, soapstone carving, blacksmithing, flint knapping, stone axe and celt making, and more!

Stealth and Self Defense

We firmly believe that it is a natural and basic skill to be able to defend yourself and those around you. Our scout class series focuses on stealth and camouflage, teamwork and leadership, survival skills, human tracking, self defense in the form of Ninjutsu with Ben Goodrich of New England Ninjitsu.