Programs for Teenagers

The adolescent years are a formative time. It is during this time that we step from childhood into adulthood and, indeed, for many these years serve to form an interpretive lens for the world. This is the time when minds are open to learning. In so many there is a hungering for meaningful interaction with the real world. This is found for many in the natural world. By coming to Roots teens taking learning into their own hands. By learning the basic tools of tracking and awareness they are set up to pursue a variety of natural studies with all the fervor and passion that they have.

Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program is a nine month Primitive Skills intensive course covering a wide variety of topics. Students meet from one day per week for a full day of schol at Roots.

Every Wednesday, ages: 14-18

 Catalyst Teen Program- Full Year- Corinth

Catalyst Teen Program- Fall Semester- Corinth

Catalyst Teen Program- Spring Semester- Corinth



Join Roots School for a five day overnight journey into the Way of the Bow. In this course, students will craft  a beautiful and functional bow and their own primitive arrow. Outside of the time we spend hard at work building these ancient hunting weapons we will get out into the forests to learn how to track wildlife, camouflage ourselves with natural materials, stalk quietly across the landscape, and learn the basics of survival. As well as the physical skills we will also explore the code of the hunter, an ancient ethic of the responsibility that all hunters share in caretaking their land base.

Date: July 12-17 2015

Teen Scout

Many native tribes world wide relied on their scouts to be the eyes and ears of the tribe. They depended on the scouts for safety and sustenance, both in times of war and in peace. A scout’s training began young, as they learned the lessons of high speed invisible survival, deep levels of tracking and counter tracking, stealth and camouflage, self defense, and of course, awesome levels of awareness. The ultimate goal of the scout was to make those around them safer because of their high levels of training. This course will begin a student’s journey into learning these potent skills. Action packed and high speed, this course will provide intense lessons into the way of the scout.

Date: July 25-31 2015




Safety first

When your child is with us, we understand their safety is our responsibility and we take that seriously. One of the first things we do with every new group is to teach hazard awareness of the landscape that is our classroom.  We follow a safety protocol regarding the use of carving knives,with kids starting with passing of our knife safety test.   This is true for other activities that involve risk such as tree-climbing, or making and using throwing sticks or atlatls.  Since accidents can happen, at every class there is at least a staff member present who has had medical training.  We take pride in creating a safe environment for our students to experience the growth and self-discovery that comes from taking risks.