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This is a daily course, please bring your own food. Camping is available by request.

This camp is cancelled due to Covid-19.
Summer Camp done Roots style. Wilderness Living and Suvival skills, tracking and nature study, games and exploration, and more await students at this week long day camp. Join us for an adventure into the wilds of Vermont, with Roots Summer camps. Ages 6-13.   This camp is at our Marshfield location. You can also check out camp in Corinth, VT.
This is a week in which we focus on wilderness skills, nature awareness, and tracking. Campers will find their days full of exploring the natural world as we move through the Vermont woods, wetlands, and fields studying the plants, trees, birds, mammals, insects, and amphibians. We will work on survival skills such as emergency shelters, primitive fire-making, finding and purifying wild water, and learning poisonous, edible, medicinal, and fiber-producing plants.
Campers will make a number of hand-made projects, such as atl-atls, pine bark water kettles, naturalist sketchbooks and journals, spears, bow drill kits, survival bows, arrows, bolas, throwing sticks, cordage, and much more.
In addition to learning new skills, campers enjoy the open air and each other through games, expeditions and challenges.

The Roots Summer Camp is not an average day camp. Students will be encouraged to push their own edges as they learn to use tools, be responsible with fire, learn to communicate in order to accomplish hard tasks they could not have done alone, and in general learn about the natural world and the skills to survive there.

We place students into groups by similar ages, and the group ages will reflect how many campers we have and their ages. and cannot his is in response to many parent requests to move children from one age group to another. All groups will work with experienced instructors with a passion for the skills and the ability to provide powerful growing opportunities for students.

This is a packed week, full of excitement and new experiences. Student-to-staff ratios will not exceed seven to one, giving us the ability to meet and challenge every student individually.  There are medically trained members of staff on site.



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