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Mon, 07/12/2021 - 9:00am to Fri, 07/16/2021 - 3:00pm

This is a daily course, please bring your own food. Camping is available by request.

July 12th-16th!   This is the one week of camp we will be running this summer.  We will be implementing a number of new protocols and adjustments in our program to be covid sensitive.  Be sure to read all the way through for more details.   
This week will be unlike our usual weeks of summer. This week is for a very small select group of kids who are self motivated and enthused about learning wilderness living skills. We love a balance of focused learning and energized games, but in this week we will have more complicated projects and less games than our typical week of fun and educational activities that typify summer camp.  That is to say, this is not for everyone, but the perfect fit for a few.  
Summer Camp done Roots style. Wilderness Living and Suvival skills, tracking and nature study, skills, exploration and more await students at this week long day camp. Join us for an adventure into the wilds of Vermont, with Roots Summer camps. Ages 11-14.   
This is a week in which we focus on wilderness skills, nature awareness, and tracking. Campers will find their days full of exploring the natural world as we move through the Vermont woods, wetlands, and fields studying the plants, trees, birds, mammals, insects, and amphibians. We will work on survival skills such as emergency shelters, primitive fire-making, finding and purifying wild water, and learning poisonous, edible, medicinal, and fiber-producing plants.  We will be taking on a select group of students who are enthused about learning these skills and personally driven to didicate themselves to the tasks and challenges we set forth.   
Campers will make a number of hand-made projects, maybe atl-atls, pine bark water kettles, naturalist sketchbooks and journals, spears, bow drill kits, survival sticks, bolas, throwing sticks, cordage, and much more.
In addition to learning new skills, campers enjoy the open air and each other through expeditions and challenges.

The Roots Summer Camp is not an average day camp. Students will be encouraged to push their own edges as they learn to use tools, be responsible with fire, learn to communicate in order to accomplish hard tasks they could not have done alone, and in general learn about the natural world and the skills to survive there.

All groups will work with experienced instructors with a passion for the skills and the ability to provide powerful growing opportunities for students.

This is a packed week, full of excitement and new experiences. Student-to-staff ratios will not exceed seven to one, giving us the ability to meet and challenge every student individually.  There are medically trained members of staff on site.

Camping is not available for this week.


This is for our Corinth camp location.

New Protocols to be Covid sensitive

We understand that folks are interpreting what is going on right now in a myriad of ways.  We want to be clear in our communication of what baseline is here and now in the hopes that everyone clearly understands and feels safe.  If you and your child don't think that this will work for whatever reason, we understand. 
Adjusting our programming style
There will be a great deal more individual tasks and projects.  We will be focusing largely on naturalist studies and craft time, with less games.  There will be less adaptive choice in what we are doing in that this will require us to prepare work stations where all participants have what they need, so if we are carving, working clay, etc.. that is the focus.  With that we will be able to accomplish some larger and more complicated tasks than we typically appeal to. 
They will need to be sure to have their journals and writing instruments as this is a big part of naturalist study work.   If they have their own knife, great! please pack it.  
Adjustments to ourselves
We want everyone to bring masks.  In an effort to nix the new weirdness of them, we want everyone to show up wearing one so that we can negate that issue right off the bat.  We plan on relying more on distance rather than being close and using masks, but we want to get ahead of them being and feeling weird by starting with them.
We will have folks maintain distance through the day.  This is the simplest, most effective and potentially most difficult. For some clear cut boundaries, there will be no sharing food/water, tools, hugs or handshakes.
We have an outdoor hand washing set up that is foot pump activated.  woohoo hand washing!  There will be times where we have everyone wash their hands at our discretion through the day.
We will be outside the whole time so weather appropriate clothing is paramount, and showing up with an extra water bottle so they have enough for the day will be important.  
We have always promoted peeing outside to give back to the plants, but now you must be comfortable doing so.  We have restrooms that we would like to see minimally used as they will need to be disinfected after use, so "number 2s" only in the outhouses.
Please assess your kids for symptoms, and although obvious but needs to be said, do not have them show up with any symptoms of sickness.  
I am going to reiterate a few things below in a format and clarity that may be easier for people to read.  

Covid 19 Rules for Roots School – Until notice the following will apply to all Roots Classes


In order to make it safe to run our programs we ask everyone to carefully follow the following precautions. We understand this is inconvenient and counter-intuitive to some people but it is the only way we are able to continue to offer our classes to the public in person.

All classes will be fully outside, please dress accordingly. Please do not enter the building.

Please respect a 6-8 foot minimum distance between you and others.  If you must be closer to others a mask must be worn by both parties.

Wash your hands often. Outdoor hand washing stations are available.

Do not touch any tools or objects without clear invitation. Workspace and tools will be shared for the duration of the course and then disinfected. If you need a tool or material please ask and that way we know what needs to be cleaned.

If you have any symptoms related to Covid -19 do not attend.

Please pee outside when possible away from group areas and trails. When you need to use the outhouse please touch as little as possible and clean the toilet seat when you are done with spray cleaner at each location. Please do not throw disinfectant cloths in the toilet. Use hand sanitizer located outside.

To those coming from out of state
The state of Vermont dictates that any resident or non-resident, traveling into Vermont for anything other than an essential purpose, must immediately self-quarantine for 14 days.
Additional details
After many years of working with kids, we find ourselves in a totally unprecedented situation in which we will be asking kids to follow strange, unnatural, and new rules in which we can offer no flexibility.  As educators, we think it is unfair to expect all kids to be able to follow these rules without the normal time period of making mistakes and fixing them.  Because of this and yet due to the consequences being so big, we will assess each kid's ability to participate and follow the new rules and decide how to proceed after that.  

Our normal level of tolerance. and our willingness to work with challenging or impulsive behavior, is severely limited due to the current state of the world.   This has a strict and specific tone to it I realize, and not the fun come engage with nature that is typical of camp, but is the only way we feel we can manage it while keeping everyone as safe as possible.   If you cannot or choose not adhere strictly to the above safety guidelines you will be asked to leave immediately without refund or question. We are unwilling to risk our safety or the safety of others.  With this being the case, our program cannot take on those that have behavioral complications.     We reserve the right to send home kids that cannot or will not comply with the guidelines we put in place with no refunds available.

If you choose to have your child attend camp, please know that no matter how careful we are we are unable to make any guarantees about no-one contracting covid.  We want you to acknowledge that there is an inherent risk, no matter how many mitigation strategies we use and how compliant the kids are,  in public exposure that you are taking on.  


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