Custom Programs

Personal Education

Stretching back through our ancestry is the tradition of primitive skills and knowledge being passed on from one person to another, one on one, or in very small groups. We seem to learn best in this way, when the one teaching us can address our specific questions and issues of importance, and design the content around our needs. For students who are looking for the most focused and thorough education possible, individual and small group classes are available.

These classes are flexible in format and open to designing and choosing the subject matter, the depth to which the information is pursued, as well as the location. These options are open to allow you to build the learning experience to your needs.

Class Design

 An individual or group class in survival, tracking, primitive skills, or awareness, is designed mainly by the individual who wants to take it. If you think an individual class is for you, than begin to think about what you would like to study. You may want to browse through our course listing, look into the Skills section of the web page, and decide upon what skill you most passionately want to learn. We also offer a list of skills and brief descriptions. Although this list is not exhaustive, it will give you a general idea of what is available.

Remember, the benefit of designing a class for yourself or a group is that can choose exactly what you would like to learn. Working in conjunction with Roots staff you can custom tailor your eduction to fit your specific needs.

Pricing, Scheduling, and Location

 If you wish to schedule a class we will work with you to plan the class at a time that fits the Roots Schedule and your own. The minimum amount of time for a class at our location is one half day. The minimum amount of time for classes away from our location depend on the distance traveled; we prefer to spend at least as much time teaching as driving.

Location can be determined by the students so as to most effectively meet your needs. If you prefer to spend time at our beautiful location class may be held here. If you wish to save time on travel expenses, Roots can bring the class to you. Pricing is determined on an individual basis. The variables that will affect the price of your individual or group class will be:

  • Number of Participants
  • Travel Cost (if applicable)
  • Material Costs specific to the skill(s)
  • Instruction time

If you would like to schedule and set up your Individual or Group class please Contact us below.