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ROOTS Youth Programs

ROOTS School offers many youth aged programs. Below are a few of our offerings. Click here for a full course listing.

Custom Programs

ROOTS offers custom programs as well as special programs for youth educators.

Programs for Children

Exploring the wilds, learning to create with your hands, building trust and confidence in yourself, and having fun are all critical parts of childhood. Our children's programs strive to reach out to students as individuals to help them take responsibility for their own learning and behaviors. We work with children ages 6 and up, with all level of experience with these skills and understandings, and because of this we have learned to match the challenges we provide with the students who are with us.

Programs for Adolescents

The transition between child and adult is a time of explosive growth, learning, and challenge. The studies of survival, tracking, the natural world, and advanced primitive skills create a real crucible for forging who we will be in our future. The natural world sets the rules, and we have to learn to listen, to take accountability, and to preserver, or else we feel the consequences. This is a core lesson of our programs for teenagers, if you want to be skilled, capable, and self reliant, you have to accept and work with the the realities of the world in which we live.