Childrens Programs

The natural world holds infinite value for children. Much of modern culture pulls children away from the fields, forests, and streams, and puts them inside to sit in front of a screen. Root's Children's programs are designed to give children the opportunity to build a real, functional, and empowering relationship to the Earth.
In the years we have spent teaching we have seen children repeatedly posses not only an amazing ability to grasp and use primitive skills, but to find a deep love for it. Given trust and guidance, children grow and learn important lessons through their relationships to the landbase and primitive and traditional skills.

Catkins Program

 Discover and begin to unlock nature’s mysteries with a full day per week in VT’s woodlands. This program will engage children with a wide range of experiences in basic primitive skills, tracking, and nature awareness.   Ages 6-9

Clovis Program

A year long program that approaches tracking, natural awareness, and primitive skills through the lens of the Ancient Clovis Culture. Includes flint knapping, bones work, hide tanning, hearth cooking, stalking and many more survival skills.   Ages 10-13
Clovis Program- Full Year- Corinth

Children's Bow Making

 Join Roots for a day of primitive bow making. In this course young students will take locally harvested saplings and carve them into working survival bows. ...

Ages; 10-14     Saturday & Sunday  9 AM- 4 PM with a break for lunch around noon.

Family Fire Class 

Bring your son or daughter, mother or father out to Roots for a day of learning one of the oldest techniques for making fire. In this course students will learn the basics of fire build that can save of enhance your life, as well as how to carve and use a bow drill kit in order to make fire from scratch. Students will get to carve their own kits and learn all the points of form and technique that allow this ancient tool to work. This course is open to students ages 7 and up and children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult who also wants to learn these skills.   The course will run from 10 AM- 4 PM


Roots Summer Camp

Plainfield --- For June Camp Click here.                                    For July Camp Click here.
A week long primitive skills and tracking day camp with a sleep out at the end of the week. The perfect way to introduce children to the survival skills and connections to the natural world that are central to human origins.  Ages 6-13      June


Niveus camp is a great way for your child to spend time outdoors during the winter.  This 5-day camp is full of adventure, wilderness survival skills, nature awareness, crafting from the landscape, games, skill-building challenges and more. ...     Different groups; ages 6-13. Dates TBA

The Way of the Bow

Join Roots School for a five day overnight journey into the Way of the Bow. In this course, students will craft  a beautiful and functional bow and their own primitive arrow. ...     Learn More.


Safety First

When your child is with us, we understand their safety is our responsibility and this is an honor that we take seriously.
One of the first things we do with every new group is to teach hazard awareness of the landscape that is our classroom.  We follow strict protocol regarding the use of carving knives, starting with passing our knife safety test.   This is true for other activities that involve risk such as tree-climbing, or making and using throwing sticks or atlatls.  
Since accidents can happen, at every class there is at least one staff member present who is certified as a Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT.
We take pride in creating a safe environment for our students to experience the growth and self-discovery that comes from taking risks.