Youth Testimonials

"I just wanted you to know what an amazing experience my daughter, Sarah, had at "Way Of The Bow". Her bow was far beyond what we expected. All I can say is Wow!  It's fast, silent and accurate. She will definitely be back."

Lisa, VT


"Roots helped our son, Caleb, stretch his comfort zone, learn life skills and grow in confidence.  We are appreciative and grateful to the Roots staff for their focussed mentoring and instruction.  His outdoor skills have become the foundation for his maturity and confidence."

Steve, VT


"The lack of structured dogma and ideology, allows for a freedom to explore and relate to nature in an individual way.  This supports a life long connection and love of nature.   I do not want others telling my kiddos how to feel and experience Nature. 

I love that my kids get to get experience nature with leaders that are absolutely passionate about nature, wilderness skills, herbs, organic art and whole foods.  Harmon has learned so much without the obvious "teaching" moments. Harmon is treated like a fellow naturalist rather than a child in a program with an agenda.

I choose Roots because the leaders come to it with their own passions- art, herbs, skills and share this with the kids.  Each leader has their own personality and way of approaching the group that is genuine and real.  I like that Roots isn't dumbed down because the audience is under 14 but their age and attention span is honored and games are played, fart jokes are told and star wars is loved.

I find the leaders model and incredible lack of judgement, open mindedness and tolerance.  I see how Harmon as picked up on that as well."

Erin, VT


"I found and fell in love with the philosophy of the ROOTS School program for my 12yr old son as he struggled with anxiety and self identity among his peers within the structure of the public school system. The ROOTS staff and outdoor environment gave my boy the opportunity to learn through his interests and  value his personal  strengths and interests. 

The diversity among his peers at ROOTS added to lessons of tolerance in his development from within a natural social setting which he was able to carry away from the woods and into his life and later years.  
I tell people about the day my boy did not want to get out of bed and I dragged him to the open house. I tell people about how he was awed by the staff and fact that he was encouraged to take off his shoes and climb trees and throw sticks and practice self defense… I tell people about the time he came home thrilled to share the experience of sit spot and of a bird landing close enough to touch. In all honesty and in the right circle, I tell people that ROOTS saved and gave me my son back. I tell people that I am forever indebted to the men and women at ROOTS who tolerated, nurtured and supported my son and family. "
Gail, VT