What You Need To Know

Are You Gonna Make Me Eat Bugs and Sleep in the Dirt?

No, at least not at first. In all seriousness, we want people to ease into the skills at whatever pace is comfortable. For some people, a warm shop for a basketry class is right up their alley. For others, they want to push their comfort zones and experience all the raw beauty and power of the elements and learn to adapt and thrive.

We have classes for both. Be sure to check with us if you are unsure. We never throw people into dangerous situations where they are in above their heads. Your safety and the strength of your learning experience are our main focuses. 





Just Starting Out?

With so many classes what to pick? Often I ask people the question: What is your need for these skills?

A sense of self reliance and comfort in the woods? Try our Survival Courses, there are classes from a day to nine months, novice to advanced.

Want to learn to live long term with the landscape using ancient knowledge and techniques?  Check out our Primitive Skills courses. From bows and arrows to hide tanning and more, short and long term courses.

Fascinated by the natural world and want to learn to look and see deeper? Find your way to one of our Tracking Courses. The keen awareness tracking teaches has power no matter who you are or where you are from.

If relaxing while creating amazing and useful baskets and ethnobotanical fiber arts projects is for you this is where to look. Day to weekend courses, fun, accessible, but rigorous covering of the topic.

Want to learn how to design efficient systems for sustainable food, energy, and home? Permaculture and Homesteading courses are a good fit. A path to creating a balance between human needs and natural systems.

Looking to learn a sense of confidence and situational awareness? Try one of our Self Defense and Awareness Courses


Details and Logistics

Need help figuring out how to get to Roots, Or have questions about what its like to be here and what to bring? The Directions, Gear and Logistics Page has all the basic info you need. Once you have registered and deposited for a course we will send along all of the final details. If you need clarification or are unsure please let us know so we can make sure your trip as hassle free as possible.  Most of our classes are designated as overnight, where folks can camp out or in the winter time stay in the yurt.  Camping is available during classes that are not overnights, as well as the night before and the last day of class to help ease travel, and for these nights we ask for a nominal fee of $5.  

Come and Meet Us

The Roots School Open House and Skills Share is great way to come out to the school for a day FREE of charge and get to meet us and see the school, held every spring.

As well, the Roots Rendezvous is an all ages annual gathering where Roots Instructors are joined by traditional skills teachers from all over the east to teach. The Rendezvous happens every September and is an affordable way to get to check out a wide variety of skills and workshops while engaging with an awesome crowd of skills practitioners!

Get In Touch! 

Contact Us

Please always feel free to get in touch. When you contact the school you will be getting in touch with either Brad or Sarah who are happy to help field your questions.