Volunteering at Roots

Once you have taken a course at Roots School you are eligible to come back to that course as a Volunteer. Coming back to a class you have already taken offers you the opportunity to focus on what you may have missed or seek further instruction for questions you have run into while practicing at home. Coming back into a focused learning community has inspiring influences on us all and volunteering can serve as a link back to your initial experience of learning. As a volunteer you will gain the experience of helping students new to the information and skills. Often times it is in helping others that key questions of our own are answered.

Volunteers help with the logistical aspects of the school and their work is extremely varied, from helping us to get students settled with parking and camping to helping prepare for demonstrations, and help with meals. When not helping out, volunteers are responsible only for their education.

If you are interested in volunteering for a course you have already taken, please contact us soon, as we can only accept two or three volunteers per class. Please only apply if you enjoy working hard to support others as the learn and experience.

For more information or to apply to volunteer, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.