Roots School In the News

Here are a collection of stories about Roots in local and national outlets:


A story from the Chicago Tribune:

Survival 101 Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Contact Reporter Tribune Newspapers


A story from the Seven Days in VT:

Survival of the Fittest  by Kathryn Flagg

An East Calais outdoors school revives the art of Stone Age subsistence.


An Article in VICE Magazine:

Getting Back to Basics at a Primitivist School by Aaron Lake Smith


From the Rutland Herald:

School gets folks back to the Root of things... by Sarah Hinckley


A story from the Upper Valley News:

Modern Families Learn Primitive Skills by Aimee Caruso


A Story In TwisterBro:

School of the Stone Age: learning life skills from paleolithic technology 


On the Radio on VPR:

Summer School: How to Start a Fire without Matches by Steve Zind


On TV at WCAX:

VT School Teaches Survival Skills by Alexei Rubenstien


Scouts Honor by Urban Daddy