Roots School In the News

Here are a collection of stories about Roots in local and national outlets:


A story from the Chicago Tribune:

Survival 101 Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Contact Reporter Tribune Newspapers


A story from the Seven Days in VT:

Survival of the Fittest  by Kathryn Flagg

An East Calais outdoors school revives the art of Stone Age subsistence.


An Article in VICE Magazine:

Getting Back to Basics at a Primitivist School by Aaron Lake Smith


From the Rutland Herald:

School gets folks back to the Root of things... by Sarah Hinckley


A story from the Upper Valley News:

Modern Families Learn Primitive Skills by Aimee Caruso


A Story In TwisterBro:

School of the Stone Age: learning life skills from paleolithic technology 


On the Radio on VPR:

Summer School: How to Start a Fire without Matches by Steve Zind


On TV at WCAX:

VT School Teaches Survival Skills by Alexei Rubenstien


Scouts Honor by Urban Daddy


VT sports Magazine

Getting Back to Out Roots

Emma Cotton



ROOTS School

By Boston area filmmaker Adam Perri

Co-produced by Phil Wilson at Lost Arts Collaborative

Music score by Boston area composer Clifford Anderson