Origins Year Two- Nine Month Stone Age Skills Program

18 and up.
Fri, 01/19/2018 - 7:30pm

Grow your skills to a new level and get in on new skills! Pottery, Hide Tanning, Medicinal Plants, Willow Basketry, Advanced Bows and Arrows and much more in this second year of advanced Original Skills. 

After running the Origins program for all these years we are excited to offer a second year program to compliment the first year of study. After two decades of studying these skills we still learn new things everyday, so we have a lot of skills and advanced techniques that we don't often get to share. We hope you will join us for another year and another level of learning these Original Skills.  We will run this program every other year so don't miss it while its running! 

Aside from the course study we will be working skills outside class with new projects, refinement of old projects, and new courses of study.

We will go deeper into the skills from the first year, as well as adding a whole new list of skills to fill out the material skills needed to live off our landscapes over a long term. 


Origins Year Two Will Include:

Advanced Bow Building: Pick an advanced project- New Woods, Recurves, Backing, tip inlays, handle risers, all stone tools bow...etc.

Arrow Making: Work on a batch of arrow for hunting or practice, composite arrows, testing your arrows for speed, accuracy, etc... New techniques for flu flu arrows, and of course, building an arrow with all stone tools.

Winter Tracking Intensive: A weekend immersing in lots of field time with the amazing tracking conditions the Vermont Winter offers. The canvas of tracks will allow us to take a deeper look at gait studies and interpretation, landscape tracking, and winter scouting for hunting applications.

Pottery: We are very excited to be joined by Charlie Paquin for lessons in hand building different styles of ancient pottery, hand dug clay and processing, and pit firing our work in and open pit fire. 

Hunting II: Go a level deeper into the mind of the hunter and the techniques and applications that make bow hunting more accessible. To be joined by Perrin Hendrick to take a deeper look at large game hunting.

Medicinal Plants: A utilitarian look at medicinal plants in our region, their preparation, and basic applications for use in the field and at home.

Willow Basketry: Create beautiful, durable, and useful containers from the abundant resource that is willow. We will also be planting a holt and learning the principals of willow propagation.

Hide Tanning: Learn how to transform a fleshy hide to buckskin. Make amazing clothing, containers, tools, and all around must know Original Skill. 

Advanced Knapping: Now that you know how to break rock we will dive into the chess game of producing more advanced tools such as projectile points and larger knives. Also take a deeper look at in direct percussion and punching techniques.

Shelter II: Get hands on again with shelter building. New techniques for abundant natural cordage, lashing, weaving, and bark techniques. Advanced Bed Making?

Foraging and Preservation II:  Taking and in depth look at the staples of wild rice and acorns. If we make extra clay pots, wild fermentation is another avenue to pursue!

Back to the Stone Age Trip! Return to the camp for another week of Original Skills. Put our new skills and tools to the task as well as pushing our old ones to new levels.


2018 Dates

January 19-21 Intro and Winter Tracking

February 24-March 1 Advanced Bow and Arrow Making

April 14-16 Pottery I, Hunting II, Medicinal Plants

May 19-20 Willow Basketry

June 22-24 Hide Tanning

July 21-23 Advanced Knapping and Pottery II

September 7-9 Foraging and Preservation II,  Long Term Shelter II

October 7-13 Origins Week Long Stone Age Trip

Tuition and Registration
If you add of these classes together the price would be $3900, we are offering it at $3330 or if you register and deposit before the early registration deadline for $3000.
Early Registration Discounted Tuition: To receive the early registration discounted tuition of $3000, a deposit of $500 must be received and fully paid by October 31st.
Tuition: After October 31st, tuition is $3300. Enclose $500.00 non-refundable deposit with your registration which is due no later than Jan 1st.  If we have not received 6 applicants by this time we will not run the program. Full payment of the balance is expected on the first day of class unless arrangements for a Payment Plan or Grant have been made at the time of registration.
Payment Plans: Payment Plans are availableby request. Payment Plan Policy: Please know that if you sign up for a payment plan and drop out midway through the course you are still responsible for the remainder of your balance. If you do not complete your payments on schedule late fees will be assessed.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss a personal and flexible, payment plan
Refund Policy: Tuition minus the deposit is refundable up to one month before the beginning of the program.

Grants: Qualifying Vermont residents may apply for Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, (VSAC) non-degree grants. Be aware that VSAC begins its funding cycle in June and January of each year and awards grants on a first-come-first-serve basis while funds last. Please apply early!  Students who apply for VSAC grants are asked to submit $500.00 non-refundable deposit with your registration form. When the grant is issued at the start of the program, we will refund whatever amount of your deposit is in excess of the tuition.  VSAC application forms may be obtained from Vermont Student Assistance Corporation: 1-800-882-4166 or write P.O. Box 2000, Champlain Mill, Winooski, VT 05404-2601.


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