Internship Program

Roots Internship Program is for students who wish to push the skills and their understanding of what it takes to makes Roots happen in an intensive two or three and a half month position. During this time interns will live on site at Roots, work alongside instructors and volunteers, participate in all courses, receive two mentoring days a month from instructors, earn credit to Roots, and build their connection to the natural world through study.

We will be accepting four individuals for the positions with applications due by April 1st. Dates: May 1  or Jun 1 going until August 15th 2019

We are open to altering start and end dates. In several cases interns have started early or ended late.  As long as every has their needs met and communication is clear, direct, and timely, we try to be flexible.


These are flexible given references and past experience, however, it is important for both intern and staff that we have met and worked together before committing to an internship. Ideally applicants would have:

  • Any Two Roots Courses
  • Volunteer at least one Roots Course
  • Strong personal drive to learn
  • Desire to work hard and meet challenges

Intern Roles

Interns responsibilities will span many areas of Roots operations. In times between courses interns will assist with maintaining and improving the facilities and the land. Before, during, and after courses interns help in the kitchen, help instructors prepare course materials and exercises, help students during workshop time and help orchestrate the various jobs needed to run our courses. Interns will be expected to meet these roles to the best of their ability and be flexible and ready to learn new skills pertaining to their roles.

In return for your hard work and time...

It is our goal to compensate interns fairly for the sacrifice of their time and work. Throughout their stay at Roots interns will have access to our facilities and resources, to be complimented by two days per month of instructor to interns mentoring throughout the program. Interns will find that the more they put into the skills during off times the more they will learn from instructors. During off time interns are welcome to stay at Roots and to further and test their skills.

 Interns also receive:

  • $400 credit per month worked to any Roots Courses
  • Once you have worked a course as an intern you may return as a student to that course for 50% off.
  • 1 day per two weeks of private education with instructors and intern teams
  • Exact Days off and mentoring days TBA

Living at Roots

The school is an amazing place to live, and walking the trails, drinking from the springs, and experiencing the wildlife here is a privilege we work hard to respect. While living on the land interns will provide their own shelter, either by tent, tarp, or building a shelter in their off time. During classes food will be provided by the school. During the off times interns will have access to the new outdoor kitchen, basic food storage, and basic staples such as rice, beans, and oatmeal, as well as occasional garden help to be translated into fresh vegetables and a membership to a local organic CSA for the intern team. In addition to this interns will receive a $100 monthly food stipend. With access to the school outdoor kitchen.

How to apply...

In order to apply for the internship program please download the application form and send it back to us or contact us and we will send you an application to fill out and return. After we receive your application we will contact you for an interview. Remember, there are only four positions available for the summer, and applications are due by April 31st.

 For more information or to apply to the Roots Internship, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. Or give us a call!