Herbal Medicine: Oil and Water; salves, balms, teas and hydrosols

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Sat, 03/30/2019 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Oil based herbal preparations come in many forms and often soothe and heal the skin or prevent future injury.  Living in the north many of us need to protect our skin with balms from cold winds and dry air to prevent cracked skin.  Salves soften and soothe the skin and provide a topical healing application to irritation, inflammation and injury.  Through the use of oils infused with herbs and beeswax we can easily make these simple but potent medicines at home.  We will be making a lip balm and a general healing salve.  

For water based preparations we will be working with teas. To make teas, an infusion of decoction, has long been practiced.  Many of the plant constituents are drawn out by the remarkable qualities of water to which we can access through a cup.  This is also a straightforward and effective means to which provide someone plants supportive to their wellbeing.  Most everyone knows how to make a cup of tea, and while there are still tips and tricks to learn and know, this is an accessible means of production for all to provide wellness.  We will be working with cold and hot infusions, decoctions and when to use what.  

Hydrosols are a beautiful union of water and aromatic volatile oils that can easily be made in the home and used in a variety of circumstances.  This is a steam distillation of an aromatic plant, to which we will be doing a home based stove top method.  Hydrosols can be applied topically or externally, and are healing unto themselves sprayed upon the skin and delight the senses relaxing or stimulating the mind.  



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Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 1:15pm

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