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Black Ash Pack Baskets

Weave an approximately 18” tall traditional Adirondack pack basket with cedar runners and base and adjustable harness. This basket is made to last and be used. The workshop is two full days and will include a discussion on how the material is harvested and processed. This is a great class for teens and adults.

Saturday starts at 9am and goes until at least 5pm or a bit later, with Sunday ending by 5pm.  Good knife skills and hand strength will be helpful. There is an additional materials fee for this class of $125 in cash or check to be made out to Penny Hewitt and paid to her on the first day of the class.

For the October 19th-20th class, there is an optional day to come for free on October 18th.  Show up at noon and learn firsthand how to pound splints from a black ash log.  This is invaluable information as it is hard to source black ash splints, and this will truly enable you to take on this craft from start to finish.  If you plan to come, please email me so that I can coordinate who will be here for pounding with Penny.

Taught by Penny Hewitt of Lazy Mill Treecraft

Pictures by Penny Hewitt

Guest Instructors

  • Black Ash Pack Baskets '24
     October 19, 2024 - October 20, 2024
     9:00 am - 5:00 pm