Roots is Moving

Roots is putting down Roots! 
Brad has purchased a home and land in the town of Corinth, VT, and it is here that Roots will be relocating. The land has over a half a mile of river frontage and several streams, a beautiful varied forest, rambling topography, and plenty of wildlife. We have no doubt that it will make an epic location for the Roots School. 

In addition to running classes and camps on our new land we will be running children's programs and summer camps in Marshfield, on Ellen Cooke and Trevor Tait's land.  We want to express a great deal of thanks in that they intend to support a school in such a large way.  We look forward to traipsing through the fields, exploring the cattail marsh, the creek through the woods, and stalking through the cedars.  It is a beautiful place to be.

We will be posting the directions to our new locations on our website as well as in confirmation letters.

We need your help!

Moving the school and all of its facilities is going to be monumental project and out deadline to be off of our current location is May 31. We would like to reach out to volunteers and work traders to help us make this possible while still continuing to run our course and address the day to day of the school.  We will have primary days to get this done in which we will be looking for volunteers and work traders. We realize the first two are short notice, so if you can make it that is great. 

The weekends are:  April 20-21 and 27-28                            May 18-19 and 25-26


Feel free to come out and help out whenever and however you can, and come and go as you please. We will be providing nutritious and delicious lunches and many thanks.  If you can notify us, we would love to know if you will be coming and/or bringing trucks. 

Work Trade

We request work traders to contact us in advance through phone or email. Work will begin at 9 am and go until 5 with a break for lunch. People who contact us in advance and can commit to working these hour will receive $65 dollars a day in trade to the school to be put towards any courses (except private courses).

What to bring?

Trucks and trailers are incredibly helpful.  Work clothes, work gloves, boots.  Water bottle (oh yeah, hydration is a must)  Rain gear (we have to go rain or shine)


Meals will be simple, flavorful, and complete.  If you have a particular food allergy as a work trader (or if you know you will be there all day as a volunteer), let me know so that I can accommodate with consideration.  As always recommended, bring yourself some snacks to keep satiated.