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Teen Wilderness Survival Week

This will not be running in 2020.


This course introduces students to our school’s main elements, survival skills, tracking, and awareness. In this week long course students will gain hands on experience and time tested information about survival shelterswater filtration and gathering, and friction fire skills such as bow drill and hand drill.


Tracking in the snow is cheating right? It can feel that way when much of the year you can struggle to find any clear prints to identify, any gait patterns to decipher, or trails to follow. You learn pretty quickly to look in track traps along wet areas, in protected dusty areas, and hopefully start to read tracks in harder substrates like leaves and grass.

Youth Testimonials

"I just wanted you to know what an amazing experience my daughter, Sarah, had at "Way Of The Bow". Her bow was far beyond what we expected. All I can say is Wow!  It's fast, silent and accurate. She will definitely be back."

Lisa, VT


"Roots helped our son, Caleb, stretch his comfort zone, learn life skills and grow in confidence.  We are appreciative and grateful to the Roots staff for their focussed mentoring and instruction.  His outdoor skills have become the foundation for his maturity and confidence."

Steve, VT


A Vermonter's Tips for Getting Outside in the Winter---Winter Solstice in one week! On that day the sun will deliver a whopping 8 hours and 51 minutes of daylight to us here in Vermont, which is not enough. Soon, El Nino will leave us, temps will drop far below zero, and the ground will disappear under snow until April....
Its time to settle into a cozy warm house, tuck into your favorite winter beverage, turn on Netflix and hope the winter is not too long, too cold, and that the cabin fever does not turn your household into gibbering lunatics.....Or, you can get up, get dressed, and get outside!

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