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Animal Processing

Join us for day of learning the entire process of bringing an animal from whole to breaking it down into its many useful parts. Learn to get over the confusion and fear of what to do, and learn to take part in the creation of your food from the most basic level.


Late Fall Foraging and Processing

Late fall offers us a bounty of food. From roots at the peak of their energy storage, to fall nut harvests, to the last greens surviving the frost, the late Autumn landscape still provides foods to explore and harvest. This course will go into the seasonably available foods, as well as preparation and processing of across, one of the most abundant and nutritious or fall edibles. 


Summer Edible Foraging

Come out to Roots for the day to learn a bit of botany as you discover delicious wild edible plants you can harvest off the landscape! We will focus on how to identify plants, taste plants, and talk about preparations about how to include wild plants in your diet. Expect to hike a bit, rain or shine.

Some kids and teens love plants!  I have decided to open this class up to those younger that 18.   Please note that this class will be run as an adult class to which it is open to younger folks who are excited to learn and can focus along with a parent or gaurdian.


Wilderness Survival Basics: Four Day - Fall

Join us for four packed days of survival basics! We will be running a Spring and Fall Version of this class with different skills emphasized and offered specific to the season. 


Fall Survival:

Shelter- Debris Shelter Overnight

Hand Drill and Bow Drill Fire

Wild Edible Identification and Foraging - Roots, Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, and Greens

Coal Burned Bowls

Spring Identification and Water Purification


Wilderness Survival Basics: Four Day - Spring

Join us for four packed days of survival basics! We will be running a Spring and Fall Version of this class with different skills emphasized and offered specific to the season. 


Spring Survival:

Shelter Basics- Tarps and Knots

Bow Drill Fire

Wild Edible Identification and Foraging - Roots, Shoots, and Leaves

Bark Containers

Water Purification

Stone Tools River Cobble Knapping

Wildlife Tracking- Clear Print ID


White Tail Projects

The White Tailed Deer is the most commonly hunted ungulate in North America. Like all the mammals we eat, it has many fantastic materials sources beyond the meat and tanned hide. In this course we will dive into those most useful resources that can be taken from deer and other mammals. We will process bones and antler, working on projects such as knives, awls, fish hooks, and more. We will get into raw hide projects, learning how simple it is to turn a fresh skin into raw hide, as well as how to shape containers with this mold-able yet durable material.


Winter Fire Making

Come out to Roots for the day and bring your fire skills to a new level! We will cover basics of building and maintinatn a good hot fire in the snowy winter conditions and learn which trees to select for our fuel. We will then carve our own bow drill kits and put them to use to create fire from friction! 


The Origins Program is a journey over nine months where we practice and build a variety of traditional skills, with the goal of going on a weeklong trip into the woods and utilizing them.  The rules for the final trip are simple; no metal, no glass, no paper, and no plastic.

Tracking in the snow is cheating right? It can feel that way when much of the year you can struggle to find any clear prints to identify, any gait patterns to decipher, or trails to follow. You learn pretty quickly to look in track traps along wet areas, in protected dusty areas, and hopefully start to read tracks in harder substrates like leaves and grass.

A Vermonter's Tips for Getting Outside in the Winter---Winter Solstice in one week! On that day the sun will deliver a whopping 8 hours and 51 minutes of daylight to us here in Vermont, which is not enough. Soon, El Nino will leave us, temps will drop far below zero, and the ground will disappear under snow until April....
Its time to settle into a cozy warm house, tuck into your favorite winter beverage, turn on Netflix and hope the winter is not too long, too cold, and that the cabin fever does not turn your household into gibbering lunatics.....Or, you can get up, get dressed, and get outside!