Wilderness Survival Immersion Project- 9 Month Program

18 and up.
Fri, 09/02/2016 - 9:00am to Mon, 09/05/2016 - 5:00pm

Starts September 2016! We run this program every other year.

In forging relationships with ourselves and the landscape, basic survival in the wild is one of the most powerful tools. Roots invites you to reclaim the survival skills, wild life tracking, and nature awareness of all human ancestors in this in depth course of study.

The Wilderness Survival Immersion Project is a nine month journey into the world of wilderness survival skills. The program consists of intensive immersion weekends focused around the arts of procuring and producing shelter, water, fire, and food. Tracking and awareness will be a running theme to be built upon during each weekend. The course begins with a four day introduction weekend and will intensify and focus throughout the year pushing students from beginners to competent and proficient survival practitioners and end with a five day four night survival trip in which we will test our learning.

 Each weekend is roughly a month apart and the gap in between must be used for integration. Assignments will range from research to skills practice sessions and staff and students can be in contact in the midterm between each monthly weekend to update on progress, ask questions, and facilitate an at home learning curriculum. WSIP students tend to be self motivated and passionate about learning.  We provide a workbook with monthly assignments both in primitive skills and naturalist education to help guide students learning and foucs on the most important aspects of the landscape for survival.


Tracking and Awareness

  • Clear Print ID
  • Gait Studies
  • Sign Tracking
  • Trailing
  • Naturalist Studies
  • Bird Language
  • Stalking and Camouflage


  • Debris Hut
  • Quincy Hut
  • Group Survival Shelters


  • Spring Identification
  • Water Purification
  • Primitive Water Vessels


  • Fire Structures
  • Fire by Friction
  • Fire as a Tool


  • Wild Edibles and Tree Foods
  • Primitive Weapons
  • Hunting Techniques
  • Primitive Trapping
  • Primitive Fishing

Primitive Skills

  • Cordage and Fiber Arts
  • Basketry
  • Flint knapping 
  • Stone Tools






Dates 2016

September 2-5
October  15-16
November 12-13
December 10-11
February 4-5
March 11-12
April 29-30
June 3-4
June Survival Trip 24-28

Tuition and Registration

Early Registration Discounted Tuition: To receive the early registration discounted tuition of $2100, tuition must be received and paid in full by April 1st. July 30th is the normal registration deadline although this course will cap at 12 students and will be first come first serve.

Tuition: If tuition is not paid in full by April 1st, tuition is $2400. Enclose $500.00 non-refundable deposit with your registration which is due no later than July  30th.  If we have not received 6 applicants by this time we will not run the program. Full payment of the balance is expected on the first day of class unless arrangements for a Payment Plan or VSAC Grant have been made at the time of registration.

Payment Plans: Payment Plans are available through the website on a monthly basis with online checkout. Payment Plan Policy: Please know that if you sign up for a payment plan and drop out midway through the course you are still responsible for the remainder of your balance. If you do not complete your payments on schedule late fees will be assessed.

Grants: Qualifying Vermont residents may apply for Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, (VSAC) non-degree grants. Wilderness Survival Immersion Project is divided into two terms, and two applications to VSAC are necessary if you desire a grant for each term. We suggest that you apply well before the middle the year for the first term Wilderness Survival Immersion Project, which begins in August. You must apply in June for a grant for the second term. Be aware that VSAC begins its funding cycle in June of each year and awards grants on a first-come-first-serve basis while funds last. Please apply early!

Students who apply for VSAC grants are asked to submit $500.00 non-refundable deposit with your registration form. When the grant is issued in August and your tuition is fully paid, we will refund whatever amount of your deposit is in excess of the tuition. Students who receive a grant for the first term are responsible for the entire tuition regardless of attendance and regardless of the availability of a second-term grant. VSAC application forms may be obtained from Vermont Student Assistance Corporation: 1-800-882-4166 or write P.O. Box 2000, Champlain Mill, Winooski, VT 05404-2601, or on their website: VSAC Website

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Directions, Gear & Logistics

Logistical information about what to bring for your class, camping during overnight courses, directions and so forth can be found here.

Online registrations are preferred, but registration by mail is accepted.

Register and deposit by snail mail:
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