Pelt Tanning

Course Information

Sat, 05/30/2020 - 9:30am
16 and up.

This is a daily course, please bring your own food. Camping is available by request.

Furs and pelts are an amazing way to get your hands on the tanning process. This introduces you to much of the principals, terminology, and processes of hide tanning while being less intensive and more approachable then tanning a whole deer hide into buckskin. You will get to learn how to take raw pelts and turn them into beautiful furs to use in projects such as making hats, gloves, vests, hood liners, and pouches. In this course students will tan and take home a finished pelt. We will cover the steps of skinning, fleshing, membraining, softening, and smoking. We will also talk about and show possible projects you can create using your new skill. Pelt tanning is an important wilderness skill, and something every nature based culture used to create a wide variety of clothing and containers.

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