Human Tracking And Trailing

Course Information

18 and up.

This class is overnight and includes camping.  

Come on out and build your trailing and interpretation skills! We will guide you through the process of learning to follow human trails through everything from gravel, to leaf debris, to grass to all of the in betweens. 

In this course we learn to identify individuals and group sizes through their tracks, interpret gait for speed detection, and activity, as well as aging the sign. We will also look at how to approach and study rest areas and campsites, as well as learn to gain valuable information about the habits, gear, skill level, and health of the subject. We will then apply this understanding to trailing, the art of following a subject across the landscape. This will include how to follow sign through difficult terrain and substrates, team tracking in both threatening and non-threatening situations, track traps and cut tracking, and lost track drills.  Expect direct lectures followed by application time in the field.

This course is for anyone who want to up their tracking game, for search and rescue, and has direct application in law enforcement and military applications. 

We will go till 5 or 6 on Saturday and start back up Sunday at 9 AM

Recurring Dates: 
Saturday, May 2, 2015 - 9:00am

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