Fibers from a Wild Landscape

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16 and up.

This is a daily course, please bring your own food. Camping is available by request.

Humankind’s relationship to fibers and fiber technology stretches back along our time line thousands upon thousands of years, resulting in a globally practiced, rich, and varied tradition.  In our modern age, we have access to seemingly endless inexpensive synthetic fibers.  While useful, this has reduced our need to procure, process, and provide them for ourselves, and distanced ourselves from the plants and animals that provide these materials.  This class invites you to return to a practice that we have relied upon for countless generations.  Come process a variety of plant and animal based fibers, gain a better understanding of string technology from identification, processing, basic spinning, in the hand weaving, and create some beautiful and functional works of art. 

Recurring Dates: 
Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 5:45pm

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