Adult Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Navigate using the menus to the specific course page for the program you would like to take. Add it to cart and proceed to check out. Follow the instructions for registration and payment and await your confirmation letter. You can sign up for multiple courses at once or validate your profile and use it to register easily for you next visit.

What do I need to bring?

Once you register for a class you will receive a confirmation letter with a gear list specific to you class. Here is a general gear list.

Where are you located?

Unless otherwise announced, all of our adult courses are held at 192 Bear Notch Rd, Corinth, VT 05039 click here for directions.

Be careful with GPS, it can lead you astray.

Can I get there through public transportation?

Yes, please check here for details about getting to Roots through public transportation.

Can I camp before or after a class?

Yes, for five dollars a night you can camp the night before or the night after a class you are attending, we will not provide meals outside of class time.

Do you offer Work Trade?

We offer work trade either through our Internship Program, during announced work trade projects, for the Roots Rendezvous, or for experienced and skilled workers such as carpentry, electric, plumbing, farming, etc. We have also traded for quality tools and materials, organic produce, and marketing and advertizing work.

Are you going to take all of my stuff away and make me eat bugs?

No, we never force students and all of our classes are challenge by choice. We believe that student should move through the skills at their own pace, whether fast or slow. Certain classes expect more or less "roughing" it, such as survival classes and Scout classes. Please contact us if you have concerns. In most cases you will eat three tasty and healthy meals a day, and camp either in your tent or in the heated yurt depending on the season. For more information about Roots classes check here.