Bow and Arrow Making

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18 and up.

This class is overnight and includes camping.  

*We will be offering Bow Building and Arrow Making seperately this year in 2021.

Join us for Bow Building and Arrow Making.

Spend  6 days out at Roots and leave with a set of primitive hunting gear. Offering these classes together provides the opportunity for students to fully submerge themselves in the skills for 6 days straight. Check out the class descriptions of these two courses for more information.


Bow Building

 The bow has captivated peoples' hearts and minds from the depths of time to the present. The Self Bow Building class will bring the student from a seasoned stave to a finished, hunting weight long bow. Although mostly workshop, a series of several short lectures will be given to expand on subjects such as: wood selection and harvesting, bow design and performance, tillering, and instinctive shooting. The class will cover primitive bow building on a conceptual level as well as each step in the technical process from peeling back the bark to twisting your own strings. We will also discuss the bow in the context of survival skills.

This class is a tremendous experience whether you are a hunter looking to hunt with your own handmade tackle or a lover of archery and its long history looking for a new bow to enjoy and shoot. A four day conversation with a piece of wood.

Arrow Making

Ancient bow hunters often spent more time perfecting their arrows than their bows. In the act of hunting it is the arrow that delivers the killing blow, and its quality and precision are of the utmost importance. Thus, the process of building primitive arrows is an intricate art that is often overlooked. In this course we will cover shaft harvesting, preparation and straightening, pitch preparation, fletching and hafting. We will discuss the dynamics of arrow flight as it relates to spine weight and bow poundage, as well as different types of projectile points; such as stone, bone, antler, and hardwood. Students will leave with a fully primitive hunting quality arrow.



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