Homestead Planning & Permaculture Design

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18 and Up

This class is overnight and includes food and camping.

This course will introduce permaculture design through exploring how to plan and implement an efficient, abundant, and ecologically sound homestead. Participants will survey a diversity of principles, strategies, and techniques to help them design or retrofit a high-performance homestead or small-farm to be not only productive and beautiful, but also integrated with the wild landscape.

Contrary to popular assumptions, homesteading doesn’t have to be about roughing it, but can instead be about cultivating thriving human habitats that support biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Through surveying an array of principles, analyses, and techniques from permaculture design and agroecology, we’ll explore the most important considerations for planning your holistic homestead or small farm. Participants will be exposed to a broad conceptual gallery of practical strategies and techniques, and will be guided in a design process that can be applied in any context.

All skill levels welcome. Participants need not own land or live in a rural context to benefit from the class.

Taught by Chris Grataski








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