Bird Language and Behavior

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18 and up.

This class is overnight and includes camping.  

Understanding birds, their behavior and their language is a key to understanding the natural world at large. The eyes and ears of the forest, birds can be constantly keying us in to deeper levels of knowing what is happening around us, the health of the ecosystems, and linking layers of the ecosystem together in exciting ways.

This course will be introducing ways to dive into bird identification, both by sight as well as sound. Much like tracking, birding and ornithology are largely based around knowing the questions to ask. How big? What shape? Where was it? Through a combination of classroom and field time we will work as a group to ask these questions and many more as well as how to find the answers in our resources. We will also explore the basics of bird language and behavior and how to identify what the bird is doing and what it means. Come explore birds as individuals, indicators and educators.

Expect to do a bird sit at dusk. This time of year that will mean an after dinner sit.  People are welcome to camp at the school if they wish.

Guest Instructor Amasa Fiske-White

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