2018 Winter Courses For Adults

Welcome to Roots! Join us this winter for an exciting line of of courses, an awesome way to get out of the house and engage in a new skill. Be sure to check this page as well as the rest of our adult courses for 2016  here at our all adult courses page.

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Winter Tracking

2 Days, The Winter Tracking Class is open to all skill levels and students. The weekend will be predominantly experience based, offering guided ‘dirt time’ in which students can push their skills in real tracking situations.  $220 meals and a warm place to stay included.

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Winter Survival

2 Days, This is an introductory weekend to the winter in Vermont. We do not expect you to be a survival expert, winter living is challenging, that is why we are excited to be running this course! $220 meals and a warm place to stay included.

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Bow Building and Arrow Making

Up to 6 Days, Take one or both of these classes during this Bows and Arrows 6 day intensive. Students can make Osage Orange Self Bows for 4 days,  and make effective hunting and practice arrows in 2 days or do them both together for a discount!  See a Video about this course.

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Origins: Nine Month Ancient Skills Program

Nine months, one course a month ending with a week long stone age living trip. Engage yourself in your landscape and material culture in a whole new way. Immerse yourself in a handmade life. Studying, making, and using all of the tools needed to meet your basic needs, not in a short term survival scenario, but in a long term relationship of living with the land. See a video about this course.

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Birch Bark Plaiting

In this one day course learn to take birch bark from winter killed birch trees and turn it into gorgeous and functional baskets.

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 Felted Hat Making

In this one day course students will make their own felted hat. Felt is amazingly warm both wet or dry, naturally water repellent, and durable. The custom camouflage possibilities with this material are incredible, not to mention it's natural handsome style.$85 materials included

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